Monday, August 24, 2009

Kentucky is Great, I am Now a Fan

With a contrite spirit, and longing only for family unity, I am officially changing my allegiance from KU to UK*

  • I now acknowledge that Kentucky's men's college basketball program has always been the class of the country*

  • The birthplace and home of college basketball is Kentucky*

  • Kentucky have the richest tradition in division 1 college basketball*

  • No other program is in their league*

  • Kansas only wants to be as good as Kentucky*

  • On December 9th, 1989, Kansas routed Kentucky 150-95 in a fluke victory*

  • My grandson is correct, I have been delusional*
But I am a new man. I will never disparage Kentucky the rest of my life*

Kelly - I need a replacement for this picture. Please send one wearing a UK hat. And if you could hold up a blank page of paper it would be more convenient for me. Thanks.

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