Saturday, July 17, 2010

Smart Letter of the Week

Just as there are no stupid letters, there are no smart ones either.  There are smart people who write letters.  Two of my favorite people in the world had their letters published recently in the KC Star.  Reverend Blackburn is commenting on the Reverend Phelps, a kook preacher of a family cult that spreads hatred in the areas local to Wichita Kansas.  Due to the proxiemty, I see a lot of press about Phelps.  As the pastor of his family church, Westboro Baptist, he gets a lot of press.  Those who believe he is representative of Christians and organized religion use this press to ridicule those of faith.  Reverend Blackburn writes a nice letter.

Fred Phelps out of line

I cannot understand the thinking of Topeka’s infamous “Rev.” Fred Phelps. As an ordained minister, I just cannot comprehend his obsession with the homosexual agenda as it strays from God’s “divine calling” for ministers to teach, preach, lead, equip, model, pray, exhort and comfort. Phelps’ hate-filled rhetoric, confrontational tactics and unbiblical views do not further the Kingdom of God.

On the contrary, they damage the cause. They discourage seekers from finding the truth, and they cause those who are weak in faith to “stumble” spiritually.

Furthermore, as a father of a deployed (Iraq) Army Special Forces Medic, it is unconscionable to me why Phelps would target our men and women in uniform and their families, especially at the funerals of our fallen heroes. Such anger and hatred is neither God-honoring, nor reflects the attitude, actions, and calling of Jesus Christ.

Christ’s call to all his disciples is to “love the Lord your God with all your heart… and to love your neighbor as yourself” (Luke 10:27); not to mention “love your enemies” (Matthew 5:44).

Phelps does not demonstrate a devotion to and a love for God, let alone a love and respect for his “neighbors.”

The Rev. John C. Blackburn

The second smart letter is in response to Reverend Blackburn.

In Reverend Blackburn’s excellent letter (7/11) he points out Fred Phelps irrational, illogical protests against gays. To paraphrase a line from Hamlet, Phelps protests too much methinks. Could Phelps’ “over the top” protest be an indication that he too is gay?

Frank Bryant
Basehor, KS

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